Why Quality Time

Sharing a story book at bed time is a moment that every family should enjoy, no matter where they are in the world.

App features

Learn about how Quality Time enhances the life of families that live or work with distance between them.

Real-time reading 
Using screen sharing and an audio platform we allow users to read stories real-time between multiple devices from anywhere
in the world.
Secure family account
Control who is set up in your family account through the settings to ensure everyone is
safe online.
Book lists
Let your children browse the extensive library and they can select which books they would like bought for them. Only parents can authorise a purchase through
the account.
Online book store
Choose from some of Australia's best known picture books.
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Read with many
Using our audio solution allows you to read to multiple logged in users at any one time... so you can have children in multiple locations enjoying the story in real-time. 

For publishers

Quality Time is always looking to extend our library to ensure our happy users have all the best books at their finger tips. 

If you’re a publisher and wish to utilise our online platform to market and sell your content, please contact the team today using our below form, or you can simply email us

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Quality Time is a new way of keeping families connected using the magic of story books. We are helping parents connect and engage with their children from a distance to ensure they not only continue to develop through basic literacy, but also to ensure that parents that are away get that much cherished one-on-one time through story books. A bedtime story is Quality Time spent with your family, so don’t let distance get in your way.
Quality Time allows you to purchase some of Australia’s best known picture books that can be read from afar using screen sharing and an audio platform all built into one very smart app. 
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Getting Started on Quality Time

You and your family are only minutes away from spending Quality Time together.


Find the App

Using an iPad, visit the App Store and search for "QualityTime"


Install the App

Once you've found the App, download and install it on your iPad. Quality Time is free to download from the App Store. As an added bonus, you'll also receieve one free e-book upon downloading Quality Time.


Setup your profile

On your iPad, open up Quality Time and follow the in-app prompts to create your user profile and add your kids to your profile to personalise your families experience.


Define your role

When you first login to Quality Time, you'll be asked if you're the parent or child. Pick the appropriate profile on each iPad being used. You can now access the Bookshelf and start reading together.

Complete our 4-step sign-up process to access our In-App Bookshelf to add or purchase additional e-books and grow your bookself with your family.

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